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Joseph Allen & Sons Ladies Dagger Non-XLL 

This knife is so cool. Over a hundred years old, this knife was around when Sherlock Holmes was on Baker Street. I like to think it belonged to Irene Adler. The tang stamp reads ... [more]

Bronze Cunningham Whistle - Seattle

I hooked this up to my air compressor and sent the kids out on their bikes to see how far they could hear it ... about 1/3 of a mile.

It's cool. It's old. It works perfectly.

Pool/Billiards Cue Cases Collection

I have about 6 of these Giuseppe hard cases left. They are top of the line with a custom rubber cover. 1X1, 1x2 and 2x2 sizes.

Really Old Camillus Folding Knife

Don't know much about this one. It's really old. The tang stamp reads Camillus Cutlery Co Camillus NY.

Camillus Electrician's Knife With Case - New

Camillus New York USA Electricians 2 Blade Screwdriver Pocket Knife TL-29. New with original nylon carrying case.

Klipsch KG 1.2V Speaker Crossover

This is a used crossover but it has been tested and works perfectly. I can pack it carefully and ship it out to you for about $10. They sell for about $30 on eBay.

Seahawk Mini Helmet Riddell

Brand new in unopened packaging. This Seahawks mini helmet is about six inches long. It's a very accurate replica. It cost $30. UPC: 095855991375

US Navy Issue Camillus Sailor's Knife

This beauty is brand new in original velvet case. It's hard to say the date for sure because of the unusual tang stamp and Camillus' inclination to change them on a whim. It's ... [more]

Camillus Military Utility Knife 1982

I would have loved to have written a great article about this knife, but this enthusiast did it better. This 1982 issue is as new, very smooth and easy operating with good snap ... [more]

Epicurean Wood Fiber Cut and Serve Boards

I'm not sure what the fascination is with these boards, but if you Google them they are rated in the high fours by everyone. Oh ... here we go. Somebody says this: Epicurean ... [more]

Vintage Purse Collection - Designer Names

Not much on purses. These are vintage designer brands apparently. The first striped one is by Tommy Hilfiger. It's nice, but slightly stained as shown. I have not attempted to ... [more]

Mini Embroidered Leather Coin Purses

Lorem ipsum dolor, we don't speak Latin no more.

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